Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So Who Is This Guy?!

Before I started rambling about things like you care, I thought it would be nice to give you a little background about myself.

I grew up in a strange family with strange friends, doing strange things. This is what makes life interesting. If I weren't a strange person who grew up in a strange family, doing strange things, then I'd be boring and I'd have boring friends and be a robot. So being strange is a compliment.

For that matter, being a geek is a compliment (whereby I consider a geek to be a nerd with social skills). I've always been a geek and I'm proud of it. Okay, I'll come clean. I was a nerd until college and then I became a geek.

Anyway, Before I could read I had memorized all the planets in order (including the asteroid belt). As I got older I realized I actually couldn't remember anything, and hence I was bad at math and spelling; but when it came to concepts I was a very fastlearner.

So not to toot my own horn or anything, but in high school, as the curriculum changed from memorization to problem solving, I suddenly excelled over other students of my class in subjects such as math, science, and history. (Okay, so I am tooting my own horn on purpose, but I feel ashamed that I'm doing it.)

It was at that time that I discovered my first love is Physics. (Howwever, If you are my wife, then you are my first love!) In high school I was the first student in the district to ever take the AP Physics C test, I got an 800 on my SAT II in Physics, and went on to be one of 13 students who enrolled in the College of Creative Studies, which offers an advanced physics program at UC Santa Barbara. Through UCSB I was able to study physics and astronomy, culminating in learning about my favorite topic: General Relativity.

UCSB also allowed me to excel at another love of mine , which is teaching. My passion and exuberance for what I know translates into a passion and exuberance to share this knowledge with others. Through UCSB I was able to be a teaching assistant for several classes which enabled me to hone my teaching skills.

Although my training is technically in Physics, I learned something far more important. What I learned primarily was the ever important skills of self-learning and problem solving, which prepares you to be successful and anything you feel passionate about.

Which leads me to computers. I have always loved computers. Couple that with my passion for learning and problem solving, and it should be obvious that I am a self-taught software whiz. (Once again, I toot my own horn and feel bad doing so.) I've taught myself many languages over the years, each time striving to completely understand the language--how it works and how to think in it--before coming to a decision about which languages are right for me.

Nearly all my employment has been computer related. I have had several stints at Optical Coating Labs as a Java programmer, combining science, math, and software to write major components of their in-house thin film engineering software. And currently I work at the start-up RedPine Services as a software architect and developer, working to see through our dream for a top-notch healthcare software package.

So now I live in Spokane with my wife and three wonderful (though cheeky) step-children, enjoying my many hobbies (which include, but are not limited to: eating, sleeping, painting, video games, reading, watching TV, drinking good scotch, photography, playing piano or trumpet, writing music, listening to music, playing with my children), and adoring my wife whenever I can.

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