Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tip: Time Scroller

With my co-worker working remotely the Philippines for the next 6 weeks, I have been finding that I'm often interested in two things:

  1. What time is it there right now?
  2. When is a good time to talk to him?

The first of these issues is handled easily enough with Apple's World Clock widget, which everyone has with their shiny copy of Tiger.

But to solve the second one of these issues, I was finding myself wanting a Little Orphan Annie decoder ring style thing--with color coded section--to let me quickly scan over times and see how things line up.

TimeScroller to the rescue!

After a quick search in Apple's downloads area, and a run around the block looking at the various widgets available, I found TimeScroller to be the best for what I wanted.

With a quick press of F12, I'm whisked to a place where I can quickly see the time in as many (or as few) cities as I please, and with a flick of a scroll-bug, I can cycle through the times, checking to see how things line-up without doing any mental arithmetic. And the best part: the customizable colored orbs that allow me to quickly tell when business hours align.

Indeed, the only thing I would like to have out of this is a way to define different hours for the different cities (as my co-worker currently works from 4am to noon Manila time while I work 10am to 6pm Spokane Time).

To download TimeScroller, visit the TimeScroller webpage at http://www.timescroller.com/Home.html

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